TROPICANA HOTEL 3801 S. LAS VEGAS BLVD, LV NV 89109 Find Out More

  • ULDC June 30 Thursday
    TROPICANA HOTEL 3801 S. LAS VEGAS BLVD, LV NV 89109 Find Out More

  • Las Vegas Super Congress July 1st Friday
    TROPICANA HOTEL 3801 S. LAS VEGAS BLVD, LV NV 89109 Purchase Tickets

  • Las Vegas Super Congress June 2nd Saturday
    TROPICANA HOTEL 3801 S. LAS VEGAS BLVD, LV NV 89109 Purchase Tickets

  • Las Vegas Super Congress July 3rd Sunday  
    Battle of the DJS

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Las Vegas Congress Tickets

@Hard Rock Live THU, June 30th, 2022
Tropicana Hotel June 29 to July 4th 2022
All Evening
Tropicana Hotel June 29 to July 4th 2022
Tropicana Hotel June 29 to July 4th 2022
Las Vegas Super Congress Salsa/Bachata/Zouk/Kizomba at Tropicana Las Vegas

2022 Las Vegas Salsa Bachata Super Congress




2020 Las Vegas Super Congress Postponed until 2021
Wednesday, June 29th, 2022 at 12:00 PM
Monday, July 4th, 2022 at 6:00 AM (PDT)

Las Vegas Salsa Bachata Super Congress 

Tropicana Hotel & Casino 3801 S las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Tropicana Las Vegas vegasmap2 Hard Rock Live Tropicana


/Tropicana Hotel

3801 S. Las Vegas Blvd,

Las Vegas, NV 89109

September 16 to 20th,  2020


/Hard Rock Live

3771 Las Vegas Blvd,

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Thursday Pre-Party, 10pm to 4am

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Dance Classes

Bachata Classes

All the classes in our workshop schedule start from Beginner to Advance the whole weekend. So you can progressively learn Bachata.Too Many instructors to name, click on the link and see for yourself.

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Zouk Classes

Third year we offer Zouk Classes. We have a Zouk class at least 1 per day. TBA, TBA and Stephany Dance will be teaching the Zouk Classes this year..

Read More

Kizomba Classes

Top Kizomba Instructors will be teaching and is included with your full pass. Oscar & Mirie will teach a Kizomba Classes throughout the weekend starting on Friday.

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LV Additional Events Features

Ultimate Latin Dance Championship

The purpose of this competition is to take salsa to the next level.  A level that competes above all previous competitions.  If we want to be the best, we must have the best dancers compete.  What better place than the Entertainment Capital of the world, Las Vegas with all its shows and glory on the latin american independe weekend.  .

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Think about starting the congress dancing at the new Rhythms Event Center.  One Stop you cannot miss!!  One of the best pre-parties when it comes to pre-parties!! Have a blast!!.

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Salsa NaMa Qualifiers

The Fernando Sosa, brain child.  One versus One, B-boy Style salsa competition.  You think you can win?  You think it's easy?  Come and see for yourself.  Qualifier for the Finals in Italy.  Male and Female competition.  Songs selected at random from a Bucket of over 50 songs.  Get ready to Syncopate your way to the top and Win a trip to Italy...

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Pool Party

2 Days of Amazing Pool Parties.  This year we are starting everything earlier.  You asked for it, so we did it!!  Macho Man Contest and Hot Bikini Contest!!.. Animation by internatinal dancers.

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