Delia Madera

On November 29, 1989 DeliaMadera was born. Madera was born and raised in New York City the Bronx. As both of her parents came from the Dominican Republic she is consider Dominican.

       Madera art life started at the age of 11, as she enters a modeling dance school called Elizabeth Modeling International Agency.  After two years of training etiquette, modeling and hip hop she graduated as a professional model in 2003. As a teenager in High school she joins the dance team of Health Opportunities H.S.  As the captain of her hip hop dance team Madera was chosen to perform in an art school. Which she dance a jazz hip hop piece and won first place.

       In 2007 she started taking salsa classes at Yamulee Dance Company, under the guidance of Osmar Perrones. Within few months Delia was ask to join Yamulee semi pro team called Bajari de Yamulee. After a year of training a doing shows Madera join the pro team Yamulee. In March 2009 Madera did her first international trip with Yamulee to Sweden. Since then to present Delia has travel almost all over the world: Italy, Argentina, France, Germany, Venezuela, Peru, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Mexico, Chile, Croatia etc. Also thought out DeliaMadera journey she had the pleasure to share the stage with Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Johnny Ventura, New swing and Sergio Vargas.