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Saturday Night Concert


The early years of salsa Most of the new breed of jet setting club Djs came from Colombia,puerto rico,Panama etc, but Moreno hails from Los Angeles originally from El Salvador 
re-presenting the West Coast worldwide.

DjMoreno began his mission on the decks back in the late 1980’s . His focus on salsa was big to a magnitude to open his own record store,Moreno has always been a master of mixing the crowd with the music. Neatly avoiding pigeonholing, while embracing a myriad of different styles his set creates a warm unique vibe of empathy on the dance floor. 
While most DJ�s are one-note musicians sticking to a single subgenera of music, Moreno live sets bring many styles of music as well as people together. In this age of specialized formats among DJ�s and producers, what sets Moreno apart from his peers is his ability to spin everything from Salsa Romantica,Mambo,Guaguanco,Timba,Chachachá in a set, while having it all make sense. Moreno is one of the most sought after DJs in Los Angeles . After a hiatus he was brought back to the social salsa scene by DjMayimbe, he can be found playing records at The Unified On2 Social and everywhere in between. 
Los Angeles Unified On2 Congress
March 22-24, 2019!

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