Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Ultimate Latin Dance Championship Latest News

The purpose of this competition is to take salsa to the next level.  A level that competes above all previous competitions.  If we want to be the best, we must have the best dancers compete.  What better place than the Entertainment Capital of the world, Las Vegas with all its shows and glory on the biggest holiday of the year, the 4th of July.

21 Divisions

Mega Salsa Team, Salsa Teams, Salsa Cabaret Couples, Salsa Couples, Bachata Teams, Bachata Couples, Ladies Bachata Team Shines, Male Salsa Solo, Female Salsa Solo, Salsa Pro-Am Couples, Bachata Pro-Am Couples, Amateur Bachata Couples, Salsa Amateur Couples, Amateur Salsa Teams, Amateur Bachata Teams, Junior Female Solo, Junior Male Solo, Junior Salsa Team and Junior Salsa Couple



World renown Judges at the top of their game so you can rest assure that you will be judge correctly.  Being in Las Vegas we are lucky to have the top and the best of trained dancers.  We will have experts that are in the business and can criticise your performance so you can come back strong.


Prize Awards

Trophies & Purse


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