Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Ultimate Latin Dance Championship Latest News

Judjes ULDC Osmar
Osmar Perrones was born in the Dominican Republic where he was exposed to a culture which celebrates heavily with music:  Merengue, Bachata, Salves and Palo were a few of the music genres that would later help him with a new found love for music and dance.  Osmar came to the US in 1983 as a Professional Baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds, where he was molded into the athlete that he continues to be today.  He later moved to New York and started attending the night club scene.  
In New York, he met Wilton Beltre, original founder of SantoRico.  Osmar started attending his classes regularly which was the fundamental influence of his dance style, and stayed for over 2 years.  Later, he furthered his training with another mambo club legend, Vitico La Magia.  
In 2000, Osmar was asked to compete in the Sabado Gigante TV show, where he won 3 consecutive times and even won the elusive car.  He was sought to perform in several dance companies of New York:  Descarga Latina, Fuerza Latina, Magic Touch Dance Company, and Santo Rico.  During his time with the latter team, he choreographed his first choreography for the student team.  He realized he was a natural at creating entertainment on stage and helped actualize SantoRico's Gansgter choreography with Juan Matos and Tomas Guerrero.  He stayed with SantoRico until mid 2003.
In July 2003, Osmar created Yamulee Dance Company.  He now had a clean canvas to play with and create what he always wanted.  His first choreography "Anabacoa" was an instant hit.  He soon was booked all over the world: London, Japan, India, Australia, and throughout North and South America.  As one of New York's three leading Dominican mambo instructors, students come to Yamulee to learn the skills and technique, and apply Osmar philosophy - to have the best time you can possibly have while learning the latest Salsa moves New York City has to offer.  
Osmar Perrones, director of world renowned Yamulee Dance Company, unique style has always been craved by dancers, ushering a new era of mambo in a jubilant fashion. It has been said that his choreographies encourage you to see music with your eyes.  Many dancers that have shaped Yamulee story include: Candy Mena, Jessica Ortiz, April Genove, Karel Flores, Masiel Guera, Juan Matos, Jose Diaz, Carlos Zaphire, Pete Picante, Robert Rosario, and Delia Madera.  Dance Companies such as Euphoria, Alegria, Zaphire, Picante, and Framboyan have had their start at Yamulee.  Needless to say, Osmar is one of the top choreographers and main fathers of the mambo scene in New York. 


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